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Dream. Design. Create.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Samia Anas, Interior Designer

Have you ever wanted to turn your home or office interior into something more pleasing to the eye? Maybe you’ve been getting tired of its dull color and bland appearance. Whatever reason you may have, I’m sure that you already have an idea of what you want your interior design to look like. Let me make it a reality.

I am an interior designer who aims to make my clients’ dreams come true. With my creativity and passion, you can count on me to transform the interior of your home or office into something you’ve always envisioned. I specialize in minimalist designs, but I can adjust based on my clients’ needs.

I transform the broader expression of my clients' lives into smart and elegant spaces that are uniquely theirs. My practice is based on the philosophy of using the fundamental elements of colors and textures to create thoughtful and aesthetically heightened spaces, which reflect my clients' personality in every detail.

Inspired by natural elements such as light, texture, and balance, I believe that by working closely with my clients, the creative process greatly expands. Elements such as harmony, cohesiveness, and simplicity begin to appear naturally.

Our surroundings, where we live or work, set our mood. The wonderful thing about people is that we all have a unique perspective on what makes a space comfortable or right. For some, these differences may be challenging, but I see an individuality that is really worth celebrating.

I invest my personal attention into every aspect of a project. This is to be able to create an interior that reflects my clients’ individuality, tastes, and lifestyles, from ultra-contemporary to European elegance and anything else you might imagine.

If this sounds appealing to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Interior Artistry to get started. I hope to be working with you in the near future!

“Your home should tell the story of which YOU are, and be a collection of what YOU love!”

- Nate Berkus

Client Reviews

“It has been a pleasure working with Samia. She listens, takes the lead in the project, and sees it through completion in a timely manner. Her expertise and guidance have saved me both time and money. I appreciate the way she puts her client's needs first and stays on track until the job is done. She has become my Interior Designer of choice in Dallas”

- Amy R. Frisco, Texas


Contact Information 

Samia Anas

Dallas, Texas

Phone: 913-406-3868


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