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Beautiful Living Spaces and Work Areas

Add beauty and value to your home or office with help from Interior Artistry in Parker, Texas. Continue reading to learn more about my interior design services.

Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation, we come to your residence or place of business and discuss the entire scope of your project. During our meeting, which can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, is to determine your goals and ask your design preferences and vision for the space. We will also set a general budget.

It would be helpful if you provide us with any magazine photos or online resources you find inspirational. To organize and compile everything, we will create a folder for your project where you can save bookmarked pictures prior to our meeting. In addition, please let us know if there is any specific artwork, furniture, or soft furnishings (rugs, bedding, curtains, etc.) that you would like in the space and have it ready for the meeting.

Lastly, we will identify your main contact person for your project. This person will be the one to attend meetings (if not all parties can be present throughout the project) and will have final approval on purchases, floor plans, and color schemes.

Site Measure and Before Photographs

This on-site meeting usually occurs within a week or two of the initial consult. During this meeting, we come to your space and take photos and measurements of the space. If you have any specific appliance models or other large items (specific bath models, brands or specialty items such as steam showers), it is important to to provide us with this information at this meeting.

In cases of single room projects, we may incorporate this step into the initial consult.

Space Planning 

After all the measurements are taken, we will develop a rough floor plan for your space. During this phase, our aim is to determine traffic flow and present ideas for furniture, appliance, and cabinet placements that will create a harmonious balance between form and function in your space.

After we have created some initial concepts, we will meet with you to discuss the pros and cons of each floor plan. Once you have decided on your preferred plan, we will work to fine-tune it to ensure the best possible use of the space.

Please note: to give you a more complete picture of the space, we may incorporate furniture, lighting, and hard finishings into the rough designs. At this point, we are focused on finalizing the space planning and we will look further into the more detailed design choices once we have finalized the floor plan.


Floor Plan Finalization

We will work with you, your building engineer (if required), and any of your tradespeople (plumbers, electricians, and renovation contractors) to calibrate the mechanics of the plan. During this phase, our goal is to ensure the floor plan will meet building codes and function optimally from a mechanical point of view. We may make minor adjustments to the plan after receiving details and advice from the trades.

If you do not have access to your own network of tradespeople, we have a network of respected tradespeople who are available for any additional on-site meetings with these contractors. Please be reminded that payment agreements with these individual contractors should be directly discussed with each subcontractor. If you require any quotes or measurements from other tradespeople (cabinet maker, custom furniture maker, etc.), its best to talk to them right away.

Please note: any work to be done by the trades should be scheduled directly with the individual contractor. Any necessary electrical, plumbing, or city building permits should also be arranged through your tradesperson or contractor of choice. We can be at meetings or correspond with contractors to ensure the design vision gets carried out. However, it is outside our scope of services to hire, direct schedules, procure necessary mechanical or building permits, or pay outside contractors.

Design Concept

In this stage, we will now focus on the design details. We will start with the hard finishes by choosing your floor and work our way up to create a harmonious color scheme that includes coordinating cabinets, countertops, wall tiles, and fixtures (lights and plumbing).

This part of the design process is more involved and may require several meetings and some shopping! We will source furniture, fixtures, and finishes and get quotes on these products while staying within your budget. You will also benefit from our discounted pricing some of these items!

Scheduling and Procurement 

Based on the schedule provided by your contractor and tradespeople, we will create a rough calendar and begin the procurement process in an effort to ensure all of the required appliances, fixtures, and furnishings arrive in a timely manner so that your project can move forward. While most items can be shipped within 4 weeks, it is important to note that some specialty and custom-made items may take up to 8-10 weeks to arrive.

We will enter each item into our online system so you can approve them with a signature online prior to every purchase.

Installation and Styling 

This is where the physical project begins. Your contractor and tradespeople will be on-site to complete the work. We will provide photos for reference and give direction to tradespeople.

Professional Styling 

Once the base work is done, we will accessorize the space to add character. This gives your space a magazine-worthy appeal and prepares it for professional photography. This process works a little bit differently as we will procure the items ourselves and provide you with the cost of each. You will have 24 hours to decide if you would like to keep any of the items. Anything you don't like will be returned.

Professional Photography 

Once the space is styled and ready for photography, we will schedule a time for a professional photographer to come in and take photos. We will return any accessories you do not want after the photo session. Then, you can finally enjoy your fabulous new space!

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