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What Is E-Design?

E-Design is an affordable, time-efficient, interactive online approach to interior design services. E-Design is for clients who would like a space designed by an interior designer. Think of it as a ‘design-it-for-me’ service rather than a ‘do-it-for-me’ service.

Traditional Design vs. E-Design

Traditional interior design services typically do everything for the client, from start to finish; a white glove approach in essence. With E-Design, the client provides detailed information about their space. I provide furniture, decor options, and a detailed clickable shopping list.

What Is the Design Phase?

This is the fun part! I begin sourcing products for the client and put these products onto a 2D Concept Board and later onto a 3D Design Board. These Boards are emailed to the client and the communication begins. The client can click on any product on the Board to send a message to the designer.

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